Pork on the Chopping Block: Are You Man Enough to Veto?

Posted: May 05, 2006 5:54 AM

From the WSJ editorial page today, "The Senate is challenging George Bush's presidential manhood."

On the Katrina/Iraq emergency supplemental:

The bill passed 78-20, which means this Senate bender is bipartisan. But 35 GOP Senators have also sent Mr. Bush a letter pledging to support his demand to reduce the bill's total cost; that's one more vote than needed to block a veto override. Meanwhile, over in the House, GOP leaders are finally behaving like, well, Republicans. Speaker Denny Hastert declared the Senate bill "dead on arrival" in a House-Senate conference. "The House has no intention of joining in a spending spree at the expense of American taxpayers," he added. Hallelujah.

And, Glenn notes that the House is getting tough.