The Needling Continues

Posted: Feb 02, 2006 8:20 AM

Background on the Needle in a Haystack Project here, here, and here.

Short story-- Andy Roth and I are forming a list of all the conservative/libertarian newspaper editorial pages we can find, and we're taking suggestions from readers.

Since I last checked in with him, Andy has spotted the Joliet (Ill.) Herald News and the Sioux City (Iowa) Journal .

Reader Jerry (who blogs over here) suggests the Idaho Statesman. I'm convinced. You know why?

Because today's editorial headline starts with "Don't Ask Taxpayers to Buy...". The editorial goes on to list many reasons the government should not buy 35 acres of land adjacent to the governor's mansion and the 38 acres he currently enjoys. Very nice.

The Daily Breeze in California also made the list. That paper chastised Dianne Feinstein for joining the filibuster contingent in the Alito vote.

A reader suggests the Naples (Fla.) Daily News, which jumped on the Democrats for applauding at the defeat of Social Security reform during the SOTU.

My boss here at and proud Missourian suggests the Southeast Missourian for our list.

That's it for now. We're still missing Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii (though I've got a suggestion that I'm checking on), Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and North Dakota, among others. Check out the list and let us know what you've got. I'm at marykatharine at beyondthenews dot com.