Who Made Who Cry?

Posted: Jan 12, 2006 9:52 AM

Ace of Spades spots a doozy of a misrepresentation in the AP story about Alito's wife leaving the hearing room in tears.

Here's the AP story, which certainly seems to suggest that Lindsey Graham caused the crying instead of the several days of rudeness from Democrat senators.

Yes, she cried during Graham's questioning, but his contribution was the equivalent of a close friend asking, "Are you all right?" after you've had a rough day. It just busted the dam. The tears were already there. Everyone who was watching the hearings knows that, but the AP story paints a slightly different picture.

Michelle Malkin rounded up some lovely comments on liberal blogs and boards about Mrs. Alito's tears.

Ann Althouse has more thoughts on press coverage and the dull tone of the Alito hearings.

And, General Ed Meese smacks down Ted Kennedy in a RedState podcast interview.

"The attacks are political. And it's totally hypocritical and false for anybody like Sen. Kennedy of all people to question anyone's ethics in view of his own past background. So, I think it's just politics. And I think the ABA rating of well-qualified, theiw highest rating, which was unanimous, really says it all about Judge Alito."

He also addresses the possibility of a filibuster.