Points for Vocabulary

Posted: Dec 30, 2005 9:48 AM

Sometimes--very, very occasionally-- I'm genuinely entertained by the junk mail that comes into my box.

Recently, someone with a pretty hefty thesaurus has been sending me mail, and the results have been pretty good. In the past week, I've gotten junk mail with the following subject lines:

Shoplifting coxcombry

Trollop sublimation

What delightful, perfectly nonsensical phrases. Does someone out there in Spam world know I'm a sucker for a good 50-cent word?

UPDATE: My brother IMs to tell me about some of the funny junk mail names he gets in his box:

One guy's name was Appalachian H. Immovable. And then there was some guy with the last name Maneuverability

I thought they might be rivals.

Since one was jealous of the other one being able to move and what-not.