Michael Yon's Photo of the Year?

Posted: Dec 14, 2005 6:54 AM

Could be. Michael Yon's photo of an American soldier cradling an Iraqi child injured in a bomb blast in Mosul is up for TIME Magazine's Viewers' Choice Photo of the Year.

You can vote for it, here, after you flip through a slide show of the nominees, which are all beautiful.

Yon, on his photo, entitled "In His Arms":

It was an instant of clarity in a blur of chaos that, for many of us, frames and defines the nature of this war. Any US soldier who has ever served in combat can probably give countless examples of moments like this. I just happened to be on the scene that day when a terrorist who had been trailing a Deuce Four patrol in a car packed with explosives waited until a crowd of children had gathered around the soldiers and selected that moment to drive into the crowd and detonate. Although little remained of him to be shown in this frame, the image somehow still reveals the true nature of our enemy in this war.

Hat tip, Euphoric Reality.