Obama Struggles With English, Facts On Twitter

Posted: Dec 04, 2012 4:15 PM

This was a real statement made by the leader of the free world, the most powerful man on the planet, President Barack Obama:


“da bears still gotta shot”

There are so many things wrong with this. For a president who has actually done some good things in terms of education reform, he’s really struggling to construct a basic sentence. Even with the limitations imposed by Twitter, President Obama still could have spelled out “the.” It would have cost him no characters to properly write “got a” and to capitalize the “p” in “plus.” However, Obama didn’t have to because his point was not to engage in serious ideas with the people. His goal was to dumb down a complex but serious debate in order to rally support for his hyper-partisan agenda.

This exchange was part of Obama’s efforts on Twitter yesterday to explain his fiscal cliff proposal and answer questions from the general population.

Republicans should be concerned.

Setting all of the abuses of the English language aside, Obama’s twitter stunt allowed him to reach out to supporters and detractors alike and spoon feed them canned talking points. By reducing complicated economic arguments to tweets, he cherry picked his facts and there was no one on “the other side” to respond. It allowed him to further the false narrative that he’s doing everything he can to reach across the aisle and Republicans are just not willing to give.

As Guy covered earlier, Republicans are losing this battle at least in part because of a messaging failure. Even though Obama’s communication is barely coherent, at least he’s talking straight to the American people.