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AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Michael Shellenberger, the founder and president of Environmental Progress, took on 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s ignorant tweet about “the climate crisis” and explained why nuclear power is the only way to go. 

In a series of tweets, he explained why renewables are "grossly inaccurate" and how the only source of energy that can "radically decarbonize energy supplies" and is the "safest way to make electricity" is nuclear. 

"So spare us the hypocritical moralizing & fake denunciations of "climate deniers" & stop attacking nuclear," Shellenberger said, scolding radical environmentalists. 

Shellenberger said if the activists just looked at what climate scientists are saying, they'd see a strong defense of nuclear. 

Shellenberger called on Thunberg and other environmental activists to take a look how the push for renewables completely failed places like Vermont and Germany. 

He also pointed out the ecological impact of renewable energy sources. 

While environmental activists love to give end-of-the-world predictions if climate change isn't addressed, Shellenberger said "time is short" for another reason: the economic and environmental toll their efforts are taking on countries is happening quickly.  

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