Mark Levin: Obama is Trying to Nationalize Our Election Process

Posted: Mar 29, 2013 12:00 PM

President Obama signed an executive order on Thursday authorizing an election commission designed to find ways to make voting easier at the local and state level. If you recall, Obama addressed this issue during his State of the Union address saying he wants to “improve the voting experience” in this country. “When any American—no matter where they live or what their party—are denied that right because they can’t wait for five or six or seven hours just to cast their ballot, we are betraying our ideals.”

Some of the “problems” the bipartisan commission will address include long lines on Election Day, processing overseas and military ballots, ballot simplicity, polling station placements, poll worker training, voting machine technology and limited English proficiency, according to USA Today.

But Mark Levin says these so-called problems like long lines on Election Day are myths being perpetuated by the media and the administration because they want to further weaken our voting system. 

He also points to the “challenge” the commission will address of processing overseas and military ballots. “Congress passed a federal law—people overseas are supposed to get ballots early enough to actually cast them and this administration made sure they didn’t get them,” he said. “So now we have a commission to study that? What’s the proposal? Their proposal is to get our combat soldiers their damn ballots so they can vote in time. We don’t need a commission to oversee it, we need a president who gets it done!”

“This is the nationalizing of our election process,” Levin said. If this move involved voter-ID, proof of citizenship and limits on early voting and the way one can vote in order to eliminate fraud, it’d be a different story. What the president is talking about doing, however, is the opposite, Levin argues. “It’s amazing. Destroying the electoral system is said to be access to the electoral system.”

So what is the federal role for setting the rules for voting? Levin said there is none.

“In the ratification debates in the states, after the Constitutional Convention ended, after they sent draft copies of the Constitution to the states to ratify, there was much debate in the states over this issue. And some of the anti-federalists who opposed the Constitution were very, very concerned that the federal government would interfere with state election laws. And they felt if the federal government did that, the federal, central government would have control over the election process and use it to its benefit.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, I am certain is what Obama is up to.”

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H/T: The Right Scoop 

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