Filibuster Bluster? Nuclear Option Still Looms After Monday Meeting

Kevin Glass

7/15/2013 10:19:00 PM - Kevin Glass

President Obama has seven executive nominees set to be voted on tomorrow, and at the conclusion of a marathon session of talks there was still no deal on whether Republicans would agree to something to avoid a filibuster showdown.

Harry Reid has been blustering about doing away with the filibuster only for certain types of votes in the Senate due to Republicans' fervent opposition to Obama nominees. Talks to end Reid's threat are still unresolved.

As the talks entered their fourth hour, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer said a deal was unlikely on Monday, but Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss said the chamber's two leaders, Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Mitch McConnell, were urged to keep trying to find common ground.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Jon Tester indicated progress, telling reporters: "The two sides aren't off by far."

The Obama nominee votes are scheduled for 10 AM Tuesday. Time's running short to settle the dispute.