The Great Unwashed: Protests of RNC Fail to Generate Excitement

Kevin Glass
Posted: Aug 27, 2012 5:38 PM
Day one of the Republican convention drew excitement from the group that was there to participate, but the rain and a general lack of interest and organization meant that the media-driven frenzy around counter-protesters fizzled into nothing.

The police were ready, however, and a fairly large contingent of Tampa's finest took to the streets, clearly prepared for a worst-case scenario.

A popular protest tactic is the act of lying down in the middle of the street. These protesters used it to, erm, great effect, I suppose. Security forces were unfazed.

If you'll look closely, most of the people are there merely to document the protesters, not participate. Everyone standing up has a camera focused on the protesters. These kids of protests are usually media-driven phenomena, and this was no different.

There were a few, erm, kooks and crazies who braved the rain. Apparently one of the big ideas amongst the protester crowd is drug testing the GOP.

Member of the media or protester? It can be both - the internet's made us all citizen journalists, and this guy was just around to document the proceedings with an eye to his own views on the subject.

There were the protesting rank and file to be found as well, utilizing time-tested protest methods such as banging on pots and pans.

All in all, if the point of braving the elements was to attract members of the media, these protesters were effective. After all, Townhall was there. If the point was to affect change in the country, or to somehow disrupt the Republican Party from going out its official business, the protesters fizzled. There simply aren't enough of them to make a difference, even if the police are constantly prepared for the worst.