Clooney-Obama Team Up Will Raise $12 Million

Posted: May 05, 2012 1:50 PM
Actor George Clooney is putting his name on the line in order to raise money for Barack Obama. The May 10 fundraiser is charging $40,000 per person for dinner at Clooney's home with the President. But that's just half of the story.

Besides the $6 million from the dinner alone, the President's re-reelection team is conducting an online sweepstakes, with the winner to receive two seats at the head table with the Hollywood heartthrob and commander-in-chief.

$6 million from dinner and $6 million from an online sweepstakes - not bad for a day's work. For all Obama's talk about how the GOP is a party of the rich, he sure has some wealthy friends.

It's unsurprising to see the left coast step up in a big way (again) to support Obama. Big-money Hollywood liberals have been infatuated with the idea of a Barack Obama presidency since before he had even won the Democrat nomination in 2008. And this cycle, Republicans are having to contend with the possibility that the President will have $1 billion to throw around for his re-election campaign.

The McCain campaign famously attacked Barack Obama for being a celebrity politician - an attack that, if it didn't backfire, nonetheless didn't make much of an impact on voters. Barack Obama, however, seems intent on proving the McCain campaign right. Democrats seem to understand this - but they've long held the politics of celebrities in high esteem.

American Crossroads recently released a sort of updated version of the "Celebrity" attack ad. Will it have as much of an impact this cycle? Do Americans really want a celebrity president?