Unions Plan to "Occupy CPAC"

Posted: Feb 05, 2012 2:12 PM
This week will bring the Conservative Political Action Conference to Washington, D.C., one of the largest gatherings of conservative activists nationwide. CPAC has long been the target of liberal ire, but this year, the AFL-CIO is planning a sort of "Occupy" protest. As LaborUnionReport documents:

[U]nion bosses and their adopted #OccupyDC progeny appear to be planning to disrupt and lay siege to the conservative conference... According to the AFL-CIO’s Washington DC Metro Council website, “Actions are currently being planned for noontime andafter work on Friday, February 10.”

Townhall will be there as a cosponsor of the event, and we'll absolutely bring any breaking news about union goons attempting to disrupt the proceedings straight to you. Seems strange that after their disastrous attempt to disrupt the Americans For Prosperity Summit that the union goons would try again, but I suppose the Left have always been slow on the uptake.