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Well, Keith Olbermann returned to the airwaves last night with a new show on Current TV. [Didn't know that? Don't know what Current is? Don't worry - no one does.] And what happened? Well, for the most part, the show was exactly the same. Liberal host, liberal guests, liberal news, and a healthy dose of crazy talk.

What was surprising was that the show had relatively high production values. The set looked nice, the graphics were smooth, the host's appearance was as rotund as ever. It was a noticable step up from Olbermann's "webcasts" that earlier seemed to be done from the living room of his apartment.

You still don't have to watch. It's still Keith Olbermann, spouting off whatever nonsense he wants to spout off for the day. The only difference is that he has even more editorial control, so it's only going to be worse.

Just in case you're a sadist for this kind of stuff, here's a clip of Olbermann being delusional that he and his viewers are the last line of defense against whatever evil conservative forces he thinks he's fighting against.

The one thing to hope for is that, with Olbermann's show in the 9pm hour, the crazy lefty viewership will be split between his show on Current (if they can find the channel) and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Cannibalize your own, lefties!


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