Obamacare: Increasing Burdens on the States. But Who Cares?

Posted: Apr 03, 2010 3:39 PM
How much is one individual's insurance worth? How just is it to force unwilling individuals to pay for legislation they don't support?

Luckily for the readers of the Daily Kos, their founder Markos Moulitsas does not try to answer these questions in a post blasting Minority Leader John Boehner for pointing out the expenses foisted upon individual states by Obamacare.

I can see why Boehner would be outraged. He fought hard to prevent those 6.1 million Texans from receiving health care coverage, and tried his best to protect the insurance industry to double their rates over Perry's nine-year term.

In the leftist wingnut world, you see, the only possible reason you could be against Obamacare is that you hate poor people and don't want them to have health insurance and < people want you to die.

This is a perfect example of the blinders willingly put on by the left wingnuts. They were completely unwilling to engage in reasonable dialogue during the debate and will be unable to afterwards.

John Boehner and the GOP do not want poor people to die. Among the myriad reasonable objections to Obamacare, Boehner here questions the wisdom of a policy that forces millions onto state entitlement doles without full reimbursement when states' budgets are under increasing stress.

I can't speak to the fiscal solvency of the state of Texas, but if Markos wants to argue for Rick Perry's outstanding executive leadership that has resulted in the state's unique ability to afford such a burden, he's free to do so. I'm not holding my breath.