The Dark Heart of American Liberalism or: The MSM's Folly

Posted: Mar 30, 2010 7:39 AM
Eric Cantor was threatened with death. This is days after his office had a bullet shot through it. Eric Cantor is the Minority Whip, a prominent post within the Republican party.

Here's what would happen if I behaved as irresponsibly as the Leftist media.

I would jump to conclusions. Eric Cantor is a prominent Jewish politician, and a conservative one at that. The anti-war Left has had a long history of antagonism about Israel and its right to exist. Leftist protests have recently pushed the envelope so far as to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. Prominent Left-wing organizations are raising money from Muslim regimes around the globe by promoting their anti-Israel bonafides. Indeed, this same organization has been swept up in a Nazi scandal.

If I were an irresponsible Leftist I'd call on Democrats to denounce these incitements to violence, this rabid campaign against Israel and its anti-Semitic undertones that has led to actual and threatened violence against a prominent Jewish GOP lawmaker. Haven't they seen what this kind of hateful rhetoric, these associations with plainly anti-Semitic people and organizations lead to?

Of course, I'm not an irresponsible Leftist. It turns out that sometimes, a crazy person is just a crazy person. The man who threatened Eric Cantor's life is just insane. The bullet that pierced Cantor's office window was a stray. There is no massive Left-wing anti-Semitism.

But the Left has insisted on playing connect-the-racist-dots with scant evidence, vague insinuation and unproven anecdotes. They have embarrassed themselves, and need to dispense with the notion that a solitary crazy person is culpable and representative of an entire political movement.

***UPDATE*** I hadn't seen these anti-Jewish photos from a Leftist anti-war rally in Los Angeles over the weekend, both blaming Jews for 9/11 and calling for their castration. Chilling stuff. Will Dems try to tamp down the inciteful, hateful rhetoric of the Left? No. But I won't call for it either. That would be silly.

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