The View From Paul Krugman's Ivory Tower

Posted: Mar 17, 2010 7:48 AM
By this time next week we’ll have seen huge headlines about health care. These headlines will either read “Democrats do it!”, followed by various Republicans and their apologists complaining that what the Dems did wasn’t nice, or “Democrats — losers again”, followed by Republicans going bwahahaha.

And it’s up to a handful of Democrats to decide which headlines we get.

This is exactly how the headlines would read - in the New York Times. Out here in the real world, where Obamacare is still massively unpopular, Democrat Congresspeople are worried about their re-election prospects and Nancy Pelosi is contemplating using a tactic which she herself previously deemed unconstitutional, the headlines will be very different.

I'm guessing that they'll read something like "Democrats use controversial technique to push Obamacare across the finish line" and "Polling indicates public still decisively against Obamacare."

But Paul Krugman is welcome to keep himself locked in the New York Times' ivory tower. He'll be much safer up there, barricaded from reality, where he can't do us any harm.

**EDITED** Original post said "Obamacare is still massively popular." I of course meant "massively unpopular."

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