Pompeo Nomination Officially Moving to the Senate Floor

Posted: Apr 24, 2018 4:40 PM
Pompeo Nomination Officially Moving to the Senate Floor

After making it out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 11-9 Monday evening, CIA Director Mike Pompeo's nomination to be the next Secretary of State is headed to the Senate floor for a full confirmation vote on Thursday.

“Make no mistake: America is uniquely blessed, and with those blessings comes a duty to lead. As I have argued throughout my time in public service, if we do not lead the calls for democracy, prosperity, and human rights around the world, who will? No other nation is equipped with the same blend of power and principle," Pompeo said during his confirmation hearing two weeks ago. 

"Senators, if confirmed, I would raise my hand and swear an oath to defend our Constitution for the seventh time in my life. The first time was as an eighteen-year-old West Point cadet. With this oath, I would commit to defend the exceptionalism enshrined in our Constitution, which provides for our obligation to engage in diplomacy and model the very best of America to the world," he continued. 

Before the Committee vote Monday, President Trump berated Democrats for obstructionism. 

After a discussion with President Trump, Republican Senator Rand Paul voted in favor of Pompeo after vowing to oppose him. 

"As you know, with the success of what will hopefully soon be Secretary of State Pompeo, everybody was very surprised.  I heard 10 minutes before the vote yesterday on committee that, 'He will not be approved at committee' -- which would be the first time in many, many decades that something like that would have happened with regard to a Secretary of State," Trump said. "Except I spoke to Rand Paul, and Rand Paul has really never let me down.  Rand Paul is a good man.  And I knew things that nobody else knew.  And Rand Paul said, 'I'm going to change my vote,' and he voted, and everybody was surprised."

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The full Senate voted will ensure Pompeo is sworn in before the meeting between President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un in June.