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Bill O'Reilly Rips San Francisco Politicians, Obama Administration, Congress Over Criminal Alien Murder in San Francisco

Last week Kate Steinle was shot and killed on a San Francisco pier by an illegal alien with a record of seven felonies and five deportations. Her killer admitted in a jailhouse interview that he went back to San Francisco because he knew he wouldn't be turned over to federal authorities thanks to sanctuary city policies. 


Monday night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly didn't mince words when addressing the issue and holds San Francisco city officials and the Obama administration complicit in Steinle's death. O'Reilly also called on Congress to pass a law mandating five years in federal prison if caught back in the United States after being deported.

"Here is the dangerous part. According government statistics, 71% percent of non-American citizens in federal prisons are from Mexico. Colombian nationals are second, just 4%. Mexican criminals represent a whopping 16% of all convicts serving time in federal penitentiaries. That is a huge burden on the American taxpayer, and a dangerous situation for ordinary Americans like 32-year-old Kate Steinle," O'Reilly said. "Last Wednesday Kate was walking with her father in San Francisco when she was shot dead on the street for absolutely no reason at all. Police say 45-year-old Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal alien from Mexico, murdered Kate. Apparently Sanchez has seven felony convictions and had been deported five times. Yet he was still walking around the streets of San Francisco. That's because Mayor Ed Lee and the eleven members of the San Francisco City Supervisors refuse to cooperate with the federal government on criminal aliens. The feds asked the city of San Francisco to keep Sanchez in custody; the city refused. Ms. Steinle paid for that irresponsible and unconstitutional decision with her life. San Francisco is a sanctuary city, and violent crimes committed by criminal aliens have happened before. City authorities refuse to say how many because they know this is a huge scandal -- a black mark on the history of San Francisco, the most tolerant of cities. n 1996 President Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act, which stipulated that local and state authorities were to cooperate with the feds in apprehending illegal aliens, especially criminals."

"In 2007 then Mayor Gavin Newsom issues an Executive Order stating that as a Sanctuary City, San Francisco would not cooperate with federal authorities on illegal immigration matters and would protect even criminal aliens. The feds did nothing. In 2010 the Obama administration openly said it would not punish cities that refuse to obey the 1996 law. So here's the deal. The mayor and city supervisors of San Francisco are directly responsible for the death of Kate Steinle and the Obama administration is complicit. Attorney General Loretta Lynch could order FBI agents to arrest Mayor Lee and the supervisors for violating federal law. She is within her authority to do that. I know that will never happen because racial politics drives the law these days, which is why Trump caught so much hell. The Constitution demands that the federal government protect Americans from foreign intruders. Obviously, that responsibility is not being met. And if you point that out as Trump did, you are a racist, a piñata for the open-border crowd to bash," he continued.


Violent crime committed by illegal aliens in this country is a major problem, for public safety reasons and for taxpayers. As O'Reilly mentioned, the government has an obligation to protect Americans from foreign invasion and the criminal illegal alien problem is fueled by political DC incompetence. Every GOP presidential candidate, as well as Democrat Hillary Clinton, has an obligation to address it.


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