Son of Hamas Founder Defends Fight Against Terror: "Israel is Doing Them the Biggest Favor"

Katie Pavlich

7/31/2014 8:20:00 AM - Katie Pavlich

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of Hassan Yousef, the man who founded the terrorist organization Hamas. He describes growing up in Hamas and witnessing "all of the bloodshed" and "dirty politics" surrounding the terrorist organization, which is why he speaks out against the group today.

Last night Yousef made an appearance on Hannity to respond to Hamas sympathizers in America and specifically responded to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments over the weekend that Hamas is a "humanitarian organization."

"Hamas movement is not a national movement and it's not a humanitarian organization. Hamas is a terrorist organization with a humanitarian face to it," Yousef said. "Hamas organization is simply a terrorist organization. She simply does not care about the lives of Palestinians, she does not care about the lives of Israelis."

Yousef also called on powers in the region like Qatar and Turkey to stop funding and supporting Hamas, especially since they know their support is used to kill Israeli citizens.

"This is the time to speak against them [Hamas] and to do everything I can to unmask their faces," he said. "Many Palestinians are suffering from Hamas and Israel is doing them the biggest favor by fighting against the Hamas organization."

He also encouraged President Obama to strongly condemn the organization and asks him to show leadership.

"How many Gaza wars are we going to witness in the future if we don't stop Hamas now? Israel is in the middle of the job. Let's help them. Let's support them disarm Hamas. Without disarming Hamas, Hamas will use children as shields, human shields in the future and there will be more wars," he said. "I'm asking the President of the United States of America as the supreme power in this world, we have responsibility, he has a responsibility."