Surprise: Obamacare Still Increasing Emergency Room Visits

Katie Pavlich

5/8/2014 2:00:00 PM - Katie Pavlich

Remember when President Obama argued and promised that Obamacare would decrease emergency room visits? Add that to the loong list of his broken Obamacare promises. We saw news earlier this year about emergency room visits being on the rise, but were told the peak would only be temporary as people settled into their new healthcare plans. But according to the CEO of Tenet Healthcare Trevor Fetter, emergency room visits are still going up thanks to the expansion of Medicaid and rationed primary care visits. Obamacare isn't slowing the pace as promised. One reason for the increase? Doctors are now overwhelmed with patients and have fewer appointments available, prompting people to visit emergency rooms for care.

"Emergency visits are up," Fetter said. "The growth rate has not slowed."