WATCH LIVE: Mark Levin, Wayne LaPierre Speak at the 2014 NRA Annual Meetings in Indy

Katie Pavlich

4/25/2014 1:00:00 PM - Katie Pavlich

The 2014 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings have arrived. Over the next three days, 80,000 people will walk through nine acres of guns and gear in downtown Indianapolis. Friday afternoon, thousands of attendees will listen to heavy hitting speakers like Wayne LaPierre, Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Mike Pence, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Dan Coats, Senator Rick Santorum, Mark Levin, Adam Vinatieri and Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and more for the annual NRA Leadership Forum. Speeches are from 1-4 pm and you can watch live below.