Correction; Sharpton and Obama Silent on Murder of White Baseball Player by "Bored" Teenagers, Two Black, One White

Posted: Aug 21, 2013 7:30 AM
UPDATE and correction: After a phone call to Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford, it was determined Chancey Allen Luna, James Francis Edwards Jr. are black and Michael Dewayne Jones is white. I apologize and regret the error.

Yesterday we heard the horrific news of Australian baseball player Chris Lane being allegedly murdered in the street after three teenaged thugs, Chancey Allen Luna, James Francis Edwards Jr. and Michael Dewayne Jones, went on a killing joyride because they were "bored."

Three teenage boys were charged in the killing of an Australian university student in Oklahoma "for the fun of it," prosecutors said on Tuesday

Christopher Lane, of Melbourne, was found dead of a gunshot wound on Friday, according to police in Duncan, Oklahoma, about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City.

“They followed him, shot him in the back and drove off,” Duncan, Okla., police chief Danny Ford said yesterday.

“When asked why he [a 17-year-old suspect] did it, he said, ‘We were bored and decided to kill somebody.’ ”

According to police, Jones admitted that the teens decided to kill someone "for the fun of it."

Charged with first-degree murder are Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards Jr., 15. Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, who allegedly drove the vehicle carrying the other suspects, was charged with use of a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and accessory to murder after the fact, according to the Stephens County District Attorney's office.

Police said Jones named Luna as the gunman.

Lane was out jogging during a visit to his girlfriend and her family in Duncan on Friday, when he was shot in the back, police said. He attended East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, where he was on a baseball scholarship.

Not surprisingly, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, who quickly opined on the George Zimmerman self-defense case against Trayvon Martin, are silent. Not only should they be publicly condemning the alleged killing, which is now an international incident, but they should be asking why the hell these teenagers were "bored" in the middle of the day. Where were their parents? Where is Sharpton when it comes to condemning young black men joining gangs, as these three did? If Obama had a son, would he look like Chris Lane?

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