Bro-Choice: Meet the Men Who Want Abortion Legal for the Sake of More Sex

Katie Pavlich

7/16/2013 11:50:00 AM - Katie Pavlich
In case you missed the birth of the "bro-choice" movement, check it out here. In short, bro-choicers are men who want abortion, including late-term abortion, legal in order to keep their sex lives free of any responsibility.

Caleb Bonham decided to head out to ask students about whether being pro-abortion is a good thing so that men can "get laid more." Predictably, what he found is appalling.

Over to you, Ed Morrissey.

There’s nothing quite as weaselly as pushing abortion as a means to ensure lots of responsibility-free sex for yourself, and nothing that demonstrates as much of a lack of manhood as insisting that abortion has to be late-term to ensure it.  Obviously, these are “men” who view women as discardable sex toys rather than partners or equal in humanity to themselves and to their own gonadal urges, in this case explicitly so.  Otherwise, they’d be around a lot sooner in the pregnancy to get their desired outcome.