Maryland Governor Uses Gun Grab to Raise Money for Democrats

Posted: Apr 05, 2013 12:23 PM

Maryland recently passed sweeping gun control laws, laws far-left governor Martin O'Malley is more than willing to quickly sign into law. In additon, O'Malley is more than happy to tout his new gun grab while begging for donations to Democrats.

Friend --

I'm excited to share some tremendous news from Maryland!

We just passed a comprehensive public safety package that will take major steps to reduce gun violence -- making our schools safer, and making it harder for dangerous people to acquire weapons.

This is going to make Maryland families safer -- but it wasn't an easy win.

An overwhelming majority of Marylanders supported these common-sense reforms, but that didn't stop the NRA and their deep-pocketed lobbyists and allies from doing everything they could to prevent our progress.

In Maryland, Democrats came together to get this done, but it won't happen nationally without your help.

Will you chip in $5 or more today to support Democrats who are fighting for these critical reforms?

I've spent my entire career -- as a prosecutor, city councilman, mayor, and now as governor -- focused on trying to keep families safe and reduce violent crime.

There's no way to completely eliminate the risk of another tragedy like the ones in Newtown, Aurora and Oak Creek, but that's no excuse for doing nothing. We should take the basic steps that we know will make families, neighborhoods, and communities safer.

We need Congress to follow Maryland's lead.

Chip in $5 or more today so that we have the resources to fight for these common-sense reforms that will save lives:



Martin O'Malley

P.S. -- The lawmakers fighting against legislation to reduce gun violence have big-money interest groups fighting to keep them in power. Democrats are counting on you. Please chip in today.

A look at O'Malley's so-called "safety package": 

Maryland's already-strong gun laws will become among the strictest in the nation with a measure passed by the General Assembly Thursday, sending the bill to the Democratic governor who proposed the legislation in the aftermath of December's massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.

The state Senate voted 28-19 for final passage, agreeing to a number of changes the House of Delegates approved Wednesday.

The measure would require people who buy a handgun to submit fingerprints to state police, bans 45 types of assault weapons, and limits gun magazines to 10 bullets. It also addresses firearms access for the mentally ill.

"Together, with a strong coalition of advocates, and the people of Maryland who overwhelmingly support policies to reduce gun violence, we've chosen to take action by advancing strategies that work to save lives," Gov. Martin O'Malley said in a statement after the vote.

So, when the bad guys show up at a family's front door with 30-rounds, family members will have 10. Great. As a reminder, thousands of people showed up to protest new gun control measures before the legislation was passed through the legislature.

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