Fox and Friends: Is Obama Really Trying to Teach Kids About Budget Responsibility

Posted: Apr 02, 2013 9:01 AM

Fox and Friends took on President Obama's "budget responsibility" month this morning, pointing out what Steve Doocy called "delicious irony." More from Mediaite:

Did you know that April is National Financial Capability Month? Apparently so, according to a presidential proclamation, which details the initiative’s goal to help Americans, especially young people, learn how to “budget responsibly” and plan their financial future.

Noting the need for “smart financial planning,” the proclamation states, “Together, we can prepare young people to tackle financial challenges — from learning how to budget responsibly to saving for college, starting a business, or opening a retirement account.”

That’s all great, except for one teensy problem that Gretchen Carlson pointed out: “When you juxtapose that against the average amount every household is paying for the national debt since he took office, which is $53,377 per household, some people might scratch their heads about budgeting responsibly.”

As a reminder, President Obama still hasn't submitted his budget for this year (he's late for the third year in a row) and when he plans to finally submit it, it will be 65 days late.

President Obama will release his budget for fiscal year 2014 on April 10, the White House announced Thursday, more than two months after he was legally required to submit one.

This is the fourth time in five years Obama has missed the statutory deadline to submit a budget, which is more times than any president dating back to the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921.

Further, it’s the third year in a row Obama has failed to submit a budget on time; he is the only president to ever miss the legal deadline in consecutive years. This year’s budget will officially be 65 days late, which is still shy of the all-time record for longest delay. Obama’s first budget in 2009 was submitted 98 days after the legal deadline.

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