Mark Kelly Records Self Buying a Handgun, Uses His Wife as a Prop in the Process

Posted: Apr 01, 2013 6:58 AM

Just watch and you'll see exactly what's wrong with this picture.

Ride along with Captain Mark Kelly as he demonstrates how easy and quick it is to buy a gun with a background check.

In addition to using his wife as a prop, Kelly goes to a gun store to purchase a gun. At that gun store it is already required by federal law that a background check be conducted. If Kelly wants to be accurate in his push for universal background checks, he would go through the process of a private transfer to a family member, which would require a background check under legislation being proposed, and record himself doing it, without using his wife as a prop in the process. Not to mention, Kelly hands the gun he purchased over to Giffords in the video which would be a crime under Chuck Schumer's proposed legislation.

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