Liberal Logic: To Prevent Rape, Teach Men Not To Rape

Posted: Mar 06, 2013 7:42 AM

Last night Fox News' Hannity, Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell argued that in order to stop rape, we should teach men not to rape.

Got that ladies? So long as you nicely ask your rapist to go away, he will.

Reality check: Rape is illegal (which by definition means "don't do it") and as a society we highly condemn it. This doesn't change the fact rape happens often. Luckily thanks to concealed carry, rape and other violent crime has rapidly decreased over the past few years. Maxwell is correct when she says rape often happens with someone a woman may know, but her argument boils down to "if you just ask him not to, he won't," which is asinine and false. Maxwell's comments about "not talking to women at all" but instead talking to men is also ridiculous and a typical liberal way of taking responsibility out of the hands of the individual who needs it most. Not to mention, begging and pleading with a hell-bent rapist in a parking garage or on a college campus won't stop anything, but a firearm will. Rhetoric is great in theory but in a live, dangerous situation it doesn't work to save woman's life or prevent rape.


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