Columbia University Professor and Dorner Sympathizer Co-Authored Book With Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 4:35 PM

Earlier today on CNN, Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill upheld alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner as a "superhero" and as a "modern day Jango." As a reminder, Dorner is the ex-LAPD police officer accused of murdering four people, two of which were law enforcement officers. Before going on a week long murderous rampage in California, Dorner wrote a manifesto on his Facebook page praising far left policies and people, including President Obama and CNN's Piers Morgan.

[Dorner] called the father of one of his alleged victims to taunt him about his daughter's death, it was revealed today.

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is suspected of shooting Monica Quan and her fiance Keith Lawrence in their car in Irvine, California, last Sunday as 'punishment' against her father Randall Quan, a former Los Angeles police captain.

It turns out, Hill has a history of sypathizing with cop killers. In December 2011, he co-authored a book with convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Mumia Abu-Jamal murdered a police officer in Philadelphia. Sentenced to death the following year, he has still not been executed. Next week, his supporters are celebrating the 30th anniversary of his incarceration.

There are two sides to the Mumia story; there is the trial in which he was convicted of the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner followed by the findings of fact of the appellate courts, all of which have upheld his conviction. Every single one.

Then there is the Mumia is innocent side which is espoused by his supporters, though curiously, Mumia Abu-Jamal himself has never actually denied shooting Officer Faulkner in a courtroom.

Thanks to Capital Research Center's Matthew Vadum for the tip.

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