FLASHBACK: Senator Menendez Says Flourishing Prostitution is Failed Policy

Posted: Feb 08, 2013 8:10 AM

In light of recent allegations and mounting evidence against New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez regarding sexcapades in the Dominican Republic with prostitutes (some of whom may have been underage at the time) thanks to a rich donor with a private jet, his past rants against prostitution are fun to listen to.

Menendez is frantically throwing together a public relations response team to try and smother the latest allegations after draining his bank account to pay back private jet flights to the Dominican Republic that "slipped through the cracks."

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez is moving behind-the-scenes to control the damage caused by a series of unseemly allegations involving his personal life that now loom over his chairmanship of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and could threaten his standing with Senate Democrats.

Menendez’s aides are quietly laying out a detailed defense to Democratic pundits, operatives and TV talking heads in New Jersey and Washington in which they characterize the scandal as one without merit and peddled by his political opponents.

After initially appearing stunned and paralyzed by the latest developments — Menendez ran away from reporters at a Garden State delegation event on Friday — the New Jersey Democrat is starting to fight back. He’s waging a public and private campaign to clear his name, including giving an interview to a national TV network and some New Jersey reporters.

In one key move, Menendez has begun to rely on trusted aides and former advisers for guidance, including one who is very close to Attorney General Eric Holder. Menendez’s campaign has hired Matt Miller, a former top spokesman for the Justice Department — which is investigating a campaign donor caught up in the scandal — under Holder.