Pressure Building on Menendez: Senator Dodging Questions About Alleged Sex With Underage Prostitutes

Posted: Jan 30, 2013 10:30 AM

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey thought allegations of sexual intercourse with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic would be going away now that he's been easily re-elected in the Garden State, but pressure is building as the FBI investigates the issue.  Menendez has been dodging Breitbart reporters Matt Boyle and Kerry Picket in order to avoid public questions about the scandal.

Senator Bob Menendez  (D - NJ) did not want to talk about allegations on Monday regarding an FBI inquiry that apparently show Sen. Menendez was sleeping with underage prostitutes.  Sen. Menendez told Breitbart News, "I have no comment and I'm not going to dignify that story."

Not surprisingly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is defending Menendez and distracting from the issue by attacking Boyle.

At his weekly press conference, Breitbart News asked Reid if he thinks there should be a full investigation into the allegations surrounding Menendez before the New Jersey Democrat takes over as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman. Menendez is slated to take the Foreign Relations Committee gavel after Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry becomes President Barack Obama’s next Secretary of State.

Reid responded to Breitbart News by attacking the “source” for the allegations.

A transcript of the questioning:

Breitbart News: “Senator, do you think there needs to be–before he takes over as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, do you think there needs to be a full investigation into Senator Menendez’ alleged solicitation of prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and the FBI investigation into that?”

Reid: “The answer is: ‘Always consider the source.’ All anyone here has to look at is the source where this comes from. The source has brought up a lot of—“

Breitbart News: “There are FBI emails showing the FBI is—“

Reid: “I told you how I feel about the source of this stuff is. Really very, very typical for the source.”

Boyle was the reporter who broke the alleged Menendez prostitute scandal and interviewed alleged Dominican women who claimed Menendez offered them $500 for sex and only paid them $100.


Meanwhile, the man tied closest to Menendez in this alleged underage sex scandal, Dr. Salomon Melgen, had his offices raided by the FBI last night in Florida.

FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach business of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez — who has denied what he calls the “fallacious allegations.”

Agents gathered at the medical-office complex of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a contributor to Menendez and other prominent politicians, late Tuesday night to start hauling away potential evidence in about a dozen white vans.

The investigation is believed to be focusing on Melgen’s finances and the allegations about Menendez’s trips and contact with prostitutes. A spokesman for Menendez could not be reached for comment, nor could Melgen.

On a separate but similar note, as recent as a a few months ago, Menendez employed an illegal immigrant sex-offender as an intern in his office and asked I.C.E. to wait until after his re-election to deport the intern. 

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