Wow: Jay Carney Forgets Murdered Border Patrol Agent's Name

Posted: Jun 21, 2012 4:02 PM

While trying to remember his talking points full of excuses for Attorney General Eric Holder regarding Operation Fast and Furious and meticulously trying not to expose White House involvement in the program, Press Secretary Jay Carney forgot the name of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry during today's press briefing. Carney played the false blame Bush game (see Guy's post about this) and in addition, he also said claiming executive privilege is about principle, not hiding documents. Oh, and President Obama isn't a hypocrite for taking the same action he criticized in 2007.


Questions for Carney:

If it was a low level "field operation," why is executive privilege necessary?

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Matt Vespa

Operation Fast and Furious ended in December 2010, so because Eric Holder didn't know about the program until May 2011, how did he "end it?"