Elizabeth Warren Says She's Cherokee Because...Mommy Said So

Posted: May 25, 2012 8:47 AM

In the latest chapter of the Elizabeth Warren "dances with lies" Cherokee ancestry fiasco, the Senate candidate is now saying she knows she is Cherokee because her mother told her so and that her Republican opponent Scott Brown is "attacking her family," for saying otherwise.

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said Thursday that she knows she has Native American ancestry because her mother told her so.

Warren’s comments came after nearly four minutes of tense back and forth between Warren and Fox 25 reporter Sharman Sacchetti and 7News reporter Andy Hiller. As both reporters questioned Warren about why she listed herself as a minority in law directories, Warren refused to answer, saying she had already answered questions about her background.

Finally, Warren said, “I am proud of my family and I am proud of my heritage.”

Hiller followed up: “Does it include an Indian background?”

Warren replied, “Yes.”

“How do you know that?” Hiller asked.

Warren responded, “Because my mother told me so. This is how I live. My mother, my grandmother, my family. This is my family. Scott Brown has launched attacks on my family. I am not backing off from my family.”

“I think Scott Brown wants to hammer on my family and I think what matters to the voters of Massachusetts is how they’ve been hurt by his votes and the economy and how they’ve been hurt by his support of Wall Street,” she said.

Of course Warren is accusing Brown of "attacking her family" by pointing out the facts in this case: Elizabeth Warren isn't Cherokee, yet continues to claim she is.

Remember, this latest defense comes after a long long list of desperate attempts and excuses from Warren about why she listed herself as Cherokee in the first place, including doing it to "make friends." From Guy Benson: 

Quick recap: Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) listed herself as a Native American in a professional law directory for at least nine years, and still maintains that she is being truthful about her "identity."  Documents show that two of the Ivy League law schools that hired her excitedly touted her as a minority or faculty member -- though she now insists that her "ethnicity" played no role whatsoever in her hiring process.  Sure.  Much searing scrutiny, and several hilarious explanations later, we now know that there is zero evidence that Warren has any Native American lineage.  The only proof she's been able to offer is an anecdote about her grandfather having high cheekbones -- "like all the Indians do"(!) -- and the fact that she once contributed five recipes to a cookbook entitled, "Pow Wow Chow," in which she's listed as Cherokee.  I'm not kidding.