Team Obama: No Birth Control Means No Future for Young Girls

Posted: May 21, 2012 2:03 PM

In the latest round of failed "War on Women" rhetoric, team Obama has released a new web ad portraying the futures and dreams of young American girls as unattainable unless they have mandated birth control coverage paid for by someone else.

There are many problems with this ad.

The first: The use of contraception is not controversial, forcing others, including religious institutions morally opposed to contraception, to cover and pay for contraception, is.

The second: Contraception is readily available at an inexpensive price pretty much everywhere.

The third: Have we really gotten to the point in America where young girls can only fullfil their dreams if someone else pays for their birth control? No, not even close. In fact, Forbes just named their 100 most powerful celebrities in the world. Four out of the top five celebrities were women and seven out of the top ten were women. Taxpayers weren't paying for their birth control through a govenment mandate along their way to the top.

The fourth: The woman narrating the ad says, "We need a president who will stand up for women's health and stay focused on jobs and the economy." Let me remind readers that it was President Obama who decided to make birth control a "controversial" issue and a distraction from his horrific economic record when his ally Nancy Pelosi tapped 30-year-old reproductive activist Sandra Fluke of Georgetown University to testify/complain before a congressional committee about paying $3000 a year for birth control. It turns out Fluke was actually dating, and is now engaged to, the son of a big time Democratic donor and was being represented by the same public relations firm run by former White House Communication Director Anita Dunn, who just so happens to work with Ann Romney attacker Hilary Rosen at the firm. And then, there's this gem from liberal Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene's Twitter feed:



Yep, that's Sandra Fluke brunching with Team Obama leader David Axelrod.

The fifth: Team Obama is using recycled kid actors to push their agenda in a series of videos. For example, the little girl in the above video was also used in the video Team Obama put out about Planned Parenthood. She's even wearing the same shirt! (off topic, sort of. In the Planned Parenthood video CEO Cecile Richards says the election will effect children, that is of course if those children get out of Planned Parenthood clinics alive.)



Video above


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The sixth: The birth control "controversy" isn't about birth control at all, it's about religious freedom and government forcing taxpayers to pay for birth control, despite moral and constitutional objections.

So ladies, do you find it impossible to reach your dreams because you have to pay for your own contraception? I didn't think so. This ad is so patronizing to women that it's nauseating, they really must think we are idiots. Team Obama must think women are so stupid that they can't get through life without a government handout or other people paying for their birth control. Team Obama made this point clear two weeks ago with their presentation of Julia. But guess what? Women are smarter than that.