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Of Course: "When Should You Shoot a Cop Flyers" Blamed on Tea Party

You knew it was coming, and here it is. Last week I brought you a story about flyers instructing and encouraging cop killing being found by a Maricopa County Sheriff Deputy at Occupy Phoenix. The flyers were serious enough that the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center issued a safety memo to Arizona law enforcement, warning them of potential danger.


Now of course, the Occupy movement is blaming the Tea Party for their placement and violent  content. 

We know that TEA Party protesters sometimes bring guns to their rallies, for example people like known neo-Nazi JT Ready who attends immigration rallies with loaded guns and with huge knives, and we know that white supremacists (who can hardly be called “liberals” but who usually proclaim the glories of the TEA Party) have planned to use roadside bombs in Arizona.

It is the Minutemen that are armed and that have been charged with murder, for example when a group of them killed 9 year-old Brisenia Flores.

It is the conservative preachers and GOP congressional candidates that say “violent overthrow of the US government is ‘on the table.’” Homeland Security is also noting a rise in right-wing Christian militia groups after Obama became president.

It is the Republicans and TEA Party that love their guns and cannot leave home without them, and yet it is the liberal peace-loving hippies camping out that are ready to shoot cops?

Who are the ones more likely to be carrying guns and ready to shoot, the NRA members or the lazy liberal hippies who “need to take a shower?”


First of all, the Occupy movement is anything but a "peace-loving" movement. In fact, in just a few short  months over 2,000 occupiers have been arrested, multiple rapes have occurred in occupy camps and violence has erupted between protesters.

There have been zero, I repeat, zero violent acts and zero arrests at a Tea Party rally since the movement started three years ago. Not to mention Tea Party folks have never cost taxpayers a single dime for "occupying" space or cleaning up a mess left behind. Also, carrying a gun is a Constitutional Right, not a violent act.


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