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Napolitano, FBI Give Non-Answers to Questions Surrounding Operation Fast and Furious

Despite ATF Special Agent William Newell admitting in sworn testimony that mutiple government agencies, including the FBI and DHS, were responsible for the development and implementation of Operation Fast and Furious, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitiano and FBI Director Robert Mueller denied knowing anything about the operation until Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with guns from the program and avoided getting into details about their involvement by referring the case to the Inspector General in the Justice Department and citing an "on-going investigation" when asked by Arizona Senator John McCain recently on Capitol Hill. On top of Newell's testimony, President Obama called for a complete review of current gun control policies in April 2009:


“Our focus is to work with Secretary Napolitano, Attorney General Holder, our entire Homeland Security team, ATF, border security, everybody who is involved with this to coordinate with our counterparts in Mexico to significantly ramp up our enforcement of existing laws. In fact, I’ve asked Eric Holder to do a complete review of how our current enforcement operations our working and make sure we are cutting down on the loop holes that are causing some of these drug trafficking problems."

The Operation Fast and Furious questioning starts at 2:50:

"I don't have specifics." -Mueller

Keep in mind, Operation Fast and Furious is an Obama Justice Department program. Although other agencies were involved, the officials most heavily involved are from ATF (which falls under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department) and the DOJ. In fact, internal emails show information about the program coming directly from Washington D.C. An internal investigation from the DOJ Inspector General will get us nowhere. Luckily, we have Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley to get us some answers as they are investigation the DOJ, not conducting an investigation with the DOJ. This "on-going internal investigation" is just a way for officials within the Obama Justice Department and the White House to buy time, and cover up what really went on with Fast and Furious.


A little reminder at 2:27:

"We are investigating you, your organization. The Executive Branch above the Phoenix office is what we are investigating. We want to know what felony stupid, bad judgement led to allowing this program at the highest level." -Rep. Issa


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