Cheney: Yeah, Hillary Would Have Been Easier to Work With

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Sep 04, 2011 1:57 PM

Many democratic voters are suffering from a Barack Obama hangover and experiencing buyers' remorse when it comes to voting Obama into office instead of Hillary Clinton, but now former Vice President Dick Cheney says it would have been easier for republicans to work with Clinton on tough issues, specifically when it comes to the economy:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday that Hillary Clinton might have been better at building bridges with Republicans if she were in the White House than the current president, as he gently egged on the secretary of state to challenge President Obama for his party's 2012 nomination.

Cheney, speaking on "Fox News Sunday," would not go so far as to say Clinton would have made a better president. But, citing a litany of complaints about Obama's approach to the economy, the former vice president said "she might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the president to work with."

"I have the sense that she's one of the more competent members of the current administration," Cheney said. "And it would be interesting to speculate how she might perform."

Though Clinton and other Democrats have persistently quieted speculation that she still harbors presidential ambitions and could consider a 2012 run, Cheney said a Clinton bid "would be good for a two-party system."

"I certainly wouldn't want to discourage a good primary contest on their side," Cheney said, though he noted he'd be supporting the GOP nominee no matter what.

Cheney complained that the current president's policies have hurt the economy by loading up the private sector with regulations. He said he doesn't think the president's upcoming jobs speech is going to include measures that will "get the job done," and called for a "pro-growth policy" to get the economy moving.

Who would have ever thought we'd get to a point where Obama has failed so miserably, that we fantasize about what it would be like if Hillary were president.