Job Killer: EPA Forcing Coal Power Plants to Limit Emissions

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Jul 07, 2011 6:21 PM

EPA: Causing electricity costs to necessarily skyrocket while killing American jobs one ridiculous regulation at a time.

Get ready, the EPA has implemented a new regulation called the "Cross-State Air Pollution Rule," and it's going to cost a lot of a money and Americans will pay with their jobs. The new rule will force coal power plants to limit emissions and pay for emissions that cross state lines through the air. From the EPA website: 

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule that protects the health of millions of Americans by helping states reduce air pollution and attain clean air standards. This rule, known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), requires 27 states to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that contribute to ozone and/or fine particle pollution in other states.

BehindthePlug blog breaks down the devastating effects this power grab will have on families:

The EPA today announced its final “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule” (previously known as the “Transport Rule”),  despite an analysis showing that the regulation, in combination with other EPA rules, would be among the most expensive ever imposed by the agency on coal-fueled power plants, dramatically increasing electricity rates for American families and businesses, and causing substantial job losses.

“The EPA is ignoring the cumulative economic damage new regulations will cause,” said Steve Miller, president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.  “America’s coal-fueled electric industry has been doing its part for the environment and the economy, but our industry needs adequate time to install clean coal technologies to comply with new regulations.   Unfortunately, EPA doesn’t seem to care.”

Earlier this month, ACCCE released an initial analysis by National Economic Research Associates (NERA) of the combined impacts of this rule and the “Utility MACT” Rule.  Using government data, NERA’s initial analysis found that these two proposals by the EPA would result in net employment losses of over 1.4 million job-years by 2020.   While the EPA claims the regulations would create jobs, the NERA analysis projects that four jobs are lost for every job that might be created.  NERA also found that the two regulations would increase electricity rates by over 23 percent in some areas of the United States that rely on coal for electricity.  In addition, consumers will be paying over $8 billion per year in higher natural gas prices because of these proposed rules.

“We urge EPA to take a realistic look at the enormous impact of all the regulations they are considering and how those regulations affect families and businesses.  In a time of high unemployment, we should be pursuing sensible policies that create jobs, not eliminate jobs.” said Miller.

Remember, the EPA has unrestrained power and implements unrealistic "rules" and regulation with no balance checks or restraint from voters or Congress.