NPR President: Tea Party Racist, Racist People

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Mar 08, 2011 9:35 AM
Just in case you needed another reason for your tax dollars to stop going to NPR, here's the latest.

A new video produced by James O'Keefe and two citizen journalists shows Ron Schiller, president of the NPR Foundation and senior vice president of development calling tea party members "racist racist people," and "gun toting middle Americans," as he talks to perceived members of the Muslim Brotherhood, "Ibrahim Kasaam" and "Amir Malik," representatives of the ficticious Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC). Schiller and his colleague, Betsy Liley, senior director of institutional giving for NPR, were chauffeured to lunch in Georgetown in a limousine paid for by MEAC, not to mention MEAC offered Schiller $5 million during the meeting in exchange for a Muslim voice on the air.
Schiller also states in the video that NPR would be "far better off" without federal funding, so what are we waiting for?

Note: Conflict of interest NPR? Maybe they should refer to their ethics code for that answer.