Putting Some Serious Humor Into the Union Debate

Posted: Feb 22, 2011 8:00 AM
Our friend Steven Crowder takes a look at what is going on in Wisconsin and what is about to happen on a national stage as public sector unions become the center of budget battles all over the country.

So I'm not as attractive as the mugs you're used to seeing here at TownHall but stay with me on this one. How can you not laugh at the situation in Wisconsin? The unions have overreached by such a wide margin that they can no longer cross back over their self-made chasm. Concessions, personal responsibility, merit-based pay, none of these are words that occur in the public sector union member's vernacular. Also, how about those Governor Walker/Hitler comparisons huh folks?Those are always a crowd-pleaser. Regardless, the antics in Wisconsin now have even most blue-collar, union-supporting, red-blooded Americans asking themselves “… Really?!”

Note: No Schlitz beers were actually consumed during the shooting of this video.