Human Barricade to Block Hateful Westboro Church

Posted: Jan 10, 2011 2:40 PM

The truly vitriolic and hateful Westboro Baptist Church, most infamous for protesting military funerals, is planning to protest the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Green. Green was murdered Saturday during the horrific shooting that took place in Tucson, Ariz. killing 6 and wounding 14. Fortunately, citizens of Tucson are stepping up to counter the disgusting group.

Mark Finelli,
an Iraq War Veteran and 9/11 survivor has called veterans and citizens from all over the country to come to Tucson and block as a human shield the members of Westboro from getting anywhere near the family and friends of Green during funeral services Thursday.
“We need numbers there to block these Westboro people,” Finelli said in a phone interview.
Veteran Jonathan Grim is also helping to organize Tucson residents in conjunction with the local Smart Girl Politics chapter to support friends and families of victims.

"It is an inapropriate time and place to be protesting," Grim says.
Currently, the Facebook Event has over 1200 people rsvp'ed to attend.

Fortunately, many times Westboro threatens to show up to funerals and the threats fall through.