Obama: Pelosi one of best ever

Posted: Mar 23, 2010 11:51 AM
Barack Obama just credited Nancy Pelosi as being "one of the best House Speakers we have ever had." He then went on to credit Harry Reid as "one of the best Senate Majority Leaders we've ever had." As of today, a cbsnews.com poll shows Pelosi's favorable rating at just 11 percent and Harry Reid standing at just 8 percent. 

But according to Obama, polls don't matter. He also gave democrats who voted for the healthcare overhhaul one of his shout outs, and thanked them for "not listening to the polls," which showed a vast majority of American's did not want this bill and intrusion of government into their lives, and according to a Rassmussen report, 49 percent of Americans support state lawsuits against the health care plan. 

Apparently the President only cares about polls when he is running for election.