So Brave: "Republican" Charlie Crist to Speak at Democrat National Convention

Kate Hicks
Posted: Aug 27, 2012 11:21 AM

Dan wrote yesterday that former Florida Governor Charlie Crist penned an endorsement of President Obama in the Tampa Bay Times. Now, it seems his crossover has been rewarded: he's slated to speak at the DNC in Charlotte next week.

An official with President Barack Obama's campaign said Sunday that Crist will speak at next week's convention in Charlotte, N.C., but the day hasn't been worked out.

The official wasn't authorized to speak and requested anonymity.

Crist announced Sunday that he is endorsing Obama. Republicans called the decision political opportunism and pointed out Crist has previously criticized the president on issues like his health care overhaul.

Crist changed his voter registration to no party affiliation after he dropped out of the 2010 Republican Senate primary and ran as an independent. Many speculate that he will return to politics as a Democrat and possibly challenge his Republican successor, Rick Scott.

One would hope he won't attempt to label himself as a "Republican for Obama," given that he abdicated his party affiliation after it became apparent that Marco Rubio would defeat him in the GOP primary. Regardless, if this is the best the Democrats can do in their quest to claim bipartisan support, a guy who could only muster 29% in a Senate election after he left the Republican Party and ran as an Independent doesn't exactly scream, "We have cross-party appeal." All that's left is for Crist to formally change the I next to his name to a D, anyway.