Axelrod on the Loose: Stumbles with Buffett Rule, 'Endorses' Romney on Fox News Sunday

Posted: Apr 15, 2012 1:05 PM

On this morning's Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace posed some questions to Obama flak David Axelrod about the Buffett Rule, and unsurprisingly, Axelrod stumbled and stuttered through his answers. Watch:

Some highlights:

"I remember when $47 billion was a lot of money, it still is a lot of money."

Yeah, but when compared to our $15 trillion debt? Or the $6.4 trillion the president's budget adds to that deficit? Not so much, to say the least.

"It stabilizes the deficit and ensures a modicum of fairness in our tax system."

And again, let's compare: $47 billion in added revenue over ten years, vs. $6.4 trillion added to deficit spending? Laughable. As for "fairness," how about instead of raising taxes on one segment of society, we enact a simplified, flatter tax? Again, however, Team Obama doesn't much care about real, working tax reform. They're obsessed with the perception that everyone pays their "fair share." It's a concept divorced from numerical reality, but hey, it makes for a great stump speech.

Speaking of fair shares, this interview had its own fair share of choice morsels of leftist failure, including this fantastic moment when Wallace noted that Obama was engaging in the very scare tactics he condemned back in 2008.

"This from the candidate of hope and change?" Burn.

The best moment, however, came when Axelrod unwittingly endorsed Romney for president. Hat tip goes to Kevin Eder for this one:

So, wait. We don't want an economy that "continues down the road we're on?" Well then! America, you've heard it straight from the mouth of a top Team Obama operative: if you want to see real change in the economy, don't reelect Barack.