The Next Step For The Obama Network

Posted: Nov 19, 2008 9:09 AM
Chip Griffin (Townhall CEO during '97-'98) explores the first significant attempt by a presidential candidate to turn their online network from the campaign into a governing network beyond Election Day.
The first clues emerged early this morning when campaign manager David Plouffe asking each supporter to "Share your campaign experience and your thoughts on the best way to keep supporting our agenda for change."

It then links to a four screen questionnaire aimed at gathering valuable segmentation data about the individual, including things like how frequently they attend religious services, how they identify themselves (politically and demographically)
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there's a reference in the survey to the notion of a future "Obama organization." This is obviously fairly vauge, but it suggests the campaign could be interested in setting up some sort of advocacy organization as a successor to the election effort. Of course, it could also be something less innovative like the Obama 2012 campaign or even the Democratic National Committee. In any case, it does seem to suggest that there may be plans for some sort of external effort maintained to support Obama's governing policies.

I tend to believe that campaigns are a unique breed of movement and difficult to replicate or continue.  It will be tough to capture lightning in a bottle but the Obama folks are making the best attempt yet that I've seen.