Obama's Weekly Radio Address

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Nov 15, 2008 2:52 PM
In the era of Obama, "Radio" is being dropped from the name of the week speech. It'll still be on the radio but it's now simply the "Weekly Address." Bonus: For those who want to watch Obama read the address off a teleprompter, it's now on YouTube. I suppose it's a big deal -- revolutionary and all -- to some that the Presidential Weekly Radio Address will now be on YouTube. Personally, I'm not wowed. It seemed awkward to be reading the address on camera. A boring three minutes is boring on air or on YouTube. Honestly has anyone ever dropped "Hey did you hear what the President said in his weekly radio address?" into a conversation? Now, if Obama and his team use the tradition of the Saturday address to truly do something informative on Saturdays -- then I'll be impressed. If it remains a simple radio speech read in front of a camera -- yawn.

I'm just looking foward to what some creative conservative video editors can come up with.