The Morning Line: Polling Update

Posted: Oct 24, 2008 7:04 AM
Art masquerading as science...

Diageo/Hotline: Obama up 7% (50%-43%)

Rasmussen: Obama by 7% (52%-45%)
NC: McCain by 2%

Zogby51.3%-41.0% Obama
The poll, a three–day rolling average survey of likely voters nationwide, shows that Obama continues to dominate among independent voters – he leads by a 56% to 30% margin over McCain among those voters – and among those who have already cast their ballots. Those who have already voted now comprise more than 10% of the Zogby sample, and Obama holds a 20–point lead in that category. Among those who are new voters – registering in the last 6 months – the Democrat holds a 69% to 26% edge over McCain.