Re: Celebrity

Posted: Jul 30, 2008 3:50 PM
Two strategies in conflict:
a) The McCain campaign has decided to mock Obama's celebrity status -- and similar strategies have been successful for Republicans in the past


b) The Obama team has overtly attempted to create and play up his celebrity image -- and it's clearly been successful so far.
Perhaps what it boils down to is what kind of celebrity voters perceive Obama as -- those struggling under the spotlight of fame or those whose lives are the envy of millions of People Magazine readers.  Obama's team would prefer the image of JFK.  McCain's new ads suggest they think David Hasselhoff and Britney Spears are more appropriate.

Another possible angle -- overexposure.  Americans love their celebrities but with many of them we eventually tire of seeing them everyday.   McCain's folks just hope that Obama's fifteen minutes months of fame runs out before November.