What's Hot Monday

Posted: Jun 16, 2008 9:46 AM

Here's Monday list of the most popular articles around the Web this morning.

New York Times - Frank Rich: Angry Clinton Women ? McCain?


Los Angeles Times - Women voters lining up behind Obama

Chicago Tribune - YouTube offers more insight on audiences

Boston Globe - Is there any safe way to grill foods?

Philadelphia Inquirer - How we peg Obama may tell more about us

Houston Chronicle - HPD follows cell phone to murder suspect, abducted boy

Denver Post - Man tumbles off Denver tower

Time Magazine - How America's Children Packed On the Pounds

Newsweek - Presidents and the Mythology of Munich

US News & World Report - Your Shower Curtain Might Be Bad for You

The Economist -The presidential election: America at its best

BBC News - Media Doctor Admits Plagiarism

ABC News - They Earn $200,000 and Pay No Taxes

FOX News - Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death

Roll Call - Schumer Sees Big Nov. Gains

Huffington Post - Tim Russert Dies At Age 58

Wall Street Journal - AIG Chief Sullivan Steps Down

USAToday - Russert death shows massive heart attack isn't easy to predict  

Politico - Tribute in Russert's studio 

CNN - Police shoot man as he beats toddler