Hey NYT, Maybe You Should Spend More Time Making Your Stories Fit To Print

Jonathan Garthwaite
Posted: Feb 26, 2008 10:30 AM
It looks like they spent more time getting the facts right on Hillary's doughnut budget than making sure their McCain stories pass the smell test.

An hourlong investigation by The New York Times has found, in the 10 months ending in January, that the Clinton campaign reported expenditures of $1,884.83 at Dunkin’ Donuts in New Hampshire and Florida (which she won) and in Virginia (which she didn’t), and $504.02 at Krispy Kreme stores in South Carolina (which she also lost). So much for dollars to doughnuts. Or just desserts.
Hourlong investigation?  I always enjoy when a reporter justifies the silliness of a report by detailing how little time they spent on it.