Romneys Not Done Yet?

Posted: Feb 25, 2008 11:46 AM
Mitt or Josh:

After a full year of campaigning for his father around the country, Josh Romney, who is the only Romney clan member to reside in Utah, is reported to be considering a race for the House of Representatives as a Republican representing Utah's 2nd Congressional District, a seat currently held by Democrat Jim Matheson.

In an interview with the Deseret Morning News to be published in Monday's editions, the younger Romney admits he is considering the House race. "I'm pretty young," he says, "but I've had good experience on the campaign trail." He campaigned for his father all year and invested the summer visiting each of Iowa's 99 counties.

Josh Romney said he was gauging the impact of a political life on his career as a real estate developer and on his young family, his wife Jen and their three children, Gracie, who is 5, Wyatt, who's 3, and Owen, who's one.

He's asked about speculation that given the McCain troubles his father might re-enter the Republican race either as a candidate for the top spot or as the party nominee's vice presidential partner and Romney replies it's  "possible." Then, he adds, "unlikely, but possible."

It was the first sign from the Romney camp or family that the former Massachusetts governor's political plans for 2008 were anything but over.